Wednesday, 9 January 2013

College Student

I have known starvation and gluttony. I have known wealth and poverty. I have known the feeling of a warm ocean breeze on my skin as I sit in the sun-setting beach with the ones I love around me as I have known the numbness in midwinter with nothing but a thin layer of cloth on my bare back. I have known the feeling of immortality as I have survived three earth-changing disasters by a hairs’ breath as I have known the feeling of dread as I have waited for the demise of not only my own life, but also of those dearest to me. I have woken to the melodious voice of my parents in more than one blessed occasion as I have woken in a cold sweat many a nights, trembling from nameless fears. I have felt the need of solitude and dark as I have felt the pleasure of company and light. I have travelled the four corners of Asia – from the bustling slums to the thriving metropolitans. I have known the pains of luxury and the bliss of a simple life. I have found my other half in unattainable royalty at the same time as making soul-mates of the less endowed. Yet I keep on living as each day comes to an end, I keep on living as each hope comes to an end and I will keep on living as each of my fears come to an end.

Red Silhouette