Monday, 17 September 2012

Before everything changed…..

I always loved school. But being a practical person I couldn't understand why people always said that school days are the best. I mean, nothing is permanent. Life moves on. Now that I have finally finished high school, I understand what the fuss is all about. In simple terms-school days are the best days of anybody’s life.
          We never cherish the importance of something we already have.

I still remember the last day of school. Remember sitting in the classroom with my friends, munching burger and drinking frooty. Our class resembled a fish market, with students chattering non-stop. But no one stopped us. No teacher told us to shut up, nobody told us to keep our volumes low and I realized that the last day of my school was here. I realized  This Was It! No more homework, no more uniforms, no more polished shoes, no more rules! I couldn't believe it.
Just yesterday, I was too lazy to wake up at 7. Today I could give anything to just be in this place for another month......Is death like this too?

Why are we so helpless? Why does time control us? Why can’t we just break away, set ourselves free, do what we want to, stay at a place as long as we want to?

I still remember getting out of that gate. The wall next to it had the name of my school embedded on black marble in metallic. I bid adieu to my friends, promising to stay in touch. I knew I would miss this place. I had spent 14 years of my life here and hadn't seen the world outside. I didn't know a place outside those protective walls even existed. In my heart I told myself that no matter where I go, no matter what I do, I would never forget this institution and the wonderful people I met here. I will always believe in the values given to me by this institution and carry its tradition forward by “Loving One Another”.   

Black Orchid 

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