Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Primal Fear

As the days go by, there are many times that I think that maybe... somehow... it was all fate? Then I think, I'm a Third Culture Kid- I don't REALLY believe in fate. At least, that's what I tell myself. 

Classes are the same as usual- bad if you attended them, worse if you bunked them and worst if the teachers catch you bunking. The first of the Internals have started their two-week long 'Green Mile', and today, for the first time, I became truly afraid of how bad cheating is- for the people who cheat AND for the people who help cheat.Being classified (wrongly, I might add...) of being a studious student of the arts, most of my friends ask me to 'help' them. Normally I don't mind. More importantly, I don't get caught. As I was in the process of helping two of my fellow partners in pursuit of higher education, the Teacher on duty just turned to me. At that moment, my heart jumped to my throat. I was going to be called out in front of everyone, humiliated, thrown out of the room, sent to the Head of the Department, and my paper was going to be confiscated. My parents might even be called in to see how their ward was acting within the College premises. But the teacher just looked at me, made sure that I saw him look at me and then pointedly turned away. It reminded me of the first part of Jurassic Park (a very popular movie of its time and even now). There was this hunter who specialized in Velociraptors- the most intelligent of the dinosaurs. He had made sure that the Raptor he was hunting had seen him before he went in for the kill...
Red Silhouette

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