Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Obscured Faiths

"Fear will keep you prisoner,
Hope can set you free."
These were the fabled words
that were taught to me.
Endearingly they made their way
into my childish dreams
of childish ways and childish hopes,
hopes that always seemed
a way to reach my golden dreams,
a haven in my youth.
Who knew what I know now -
the deepest, darkest truth.

I thought hope was the sweetest bud,
ready to bloom to spring,
I thought it was the happiness
an infants' smile can bring.
I thought it would clear my mind,
and make me meet my ends;
I thought hope then to be
that on which I could depend

I have come to see since then
there is no reason in such pursuit,
no reason to rely on naught,
none to claim the fruit.
For as we have been seeded, sowed
then grown to His full delight
grown we may well have been but,
as a bird who knows not flight.

Never to see the real world
the land of our fated birth,
never to feel it for what it is
this land that we call Earth.
This land with all it's ups and downs
and choices in between;
This land with blades at our heels
edge'd with moonlit sheen.

As the bird first hatch, then grows
and then begins to fly,
pulled back down to Earth it was,
not to reach above knee high.
And even if it raise its head
it must look to ground,
suffer all the colors of life
and still make not one sound.

Yet for all we do for Him,
He does not seem to see:
there is just this One chance in life,
One chance to be this Free.
As Free as the mighty beasts
pounding across the soils,
Free as the winds on the dunes
and sand that turns and toils.

There will never be this One again
the greatest time of all,
where we stand up for ourselves
and do not give in to gall.
Nor do we give in to those
trying to right us from the wrong,
we do not give up to life -
we stand and we stand strong.

But say as they do who drew the World
and made it into our Earth:
"There can only be one pursuit in life,
on charge given from birth"
There can never be any done
to rid ourselves of said burden,
there will be no end to pain,
no return from our Verdun.

As we who chose to come ourselves
onto this cursed land,
we chose it of our own Free will,
brought ourselves in hand in hand.

Red Silhouette

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