Monday, 10 September 2012

Beta Test

By now you must know that this blog is only a beta, as they say in the cyber world, and as such, there is NOT going to be a daily post YET. I would like to give a daily post, but what can I do? We can't all have what we want... Do you ever feel like that? That life is just passing you by and you are just an audience? 
I think I should have taken Philosophy as my Honors course, the way I'm going on about life at college. Here's one of my compositions that kindda explains the situation:
The life is full of trials,
you can either run or flee.
Or you can show life what you are,
and face it all with glee!
What do you think? As a budding aspirant in the art of modern poetry writing, I think some encouragement never goes astray. 
Today was the 28th day that I had gone to college, and frankly, I really like the atmosphere. True, it gets really stuffy and heated up sometimes, but then again, a rose only ever grows on thorned bushes. Besides, having a positive attitude is what matters. If you step into a new part of your life, thinking that it is only a hindrance to your desires, you will soon realize that your life is becoming more of a pain than you had thought it would be. Instead, try thinking of making the day count so that when you go to bed at night, you can have a content smile on your lips. As Walt Disney said-"All dreams come true, if you have the courage to pursue them."
Red Silhouette

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  1. Life is a third person and not a belonging... -_-
    that feeling has probably dug deep down into my brain since a long time but then this "long time" I've managed to let go...that is when I began to say "Live in every moment and let the moment live in you". Not be an audience but be the entertainer to yourself at least...until and unless a special person comes into your life it is only you who can choose to keep yourself happy. :) So I agree with you and disney... "All dreams come true if you have the courage to pursue them."