Sunday, 30 September 2012

Moving Pictures...

Try out this video - I watched it the first time about 4 years ago, and it still makes me emotional. Gotta admire the lead actor...

The Traffic Warden

Red Silhouette

Thursday, 27 September 2012


You know that feeling that you get when you have sent a letter/sms/email to someone you consider special, and it feels like eternity just waiting for them to reply? 

Well, I'm talking (or writing, to all the sticklers for grammar...) about two things. First, I can see that there are people viewing the blog, and then if there are no comments.... it makes the authors' collaboration feel apprehensive and it also makes them consider deactivating the blog altogether. So, comments would be appreciated. 

Secondly, the feeling of waiting is getting the better of me as I have to keep waiting for the guy I like to realize that I do actually like him! It's frustrating! I'm sure there are many of us in the world who would do anything to get noticed by that one someone, to go to any lengths... but it turns out to be all in vain... Worse still is the fact that no matter how much I tell myself - "Just forget him. There are plenty others in the world." - the fact remains that if he even gives me a call, I'm compelled to pick up and rush to his side... Sucks being struck this way, right? 

Red Silhouette

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Obscured Faiths

"Fear will keep you prisoner,
Hope can set you free."
These were the fabled words
that were taught to me.
Endearingly they made their way
into my childish dreams
of childish ways and childish hopes,
hopes that always seemed
a way to reach my golden dreams,
a haven in my youth.
Who knew what I know now -
the deepest, darkest truth.

I thought hope was the sweetest bud,
ready to bloom to spring,
I thought it was the happiness
an infants' smile can bring.
I thought it would clear my mind,
and make me meet my ends;
I thought hope then to be
that on which I could depend

I have come to see since then
there is no reason in such pursuit,
no reason to rely on naught,
none to claim the fruit.
For as we have been seeded, sowed
then grown to His full delight
grown we may well have been but,
as a bird who knows not flight.

Never to see the real world
the land of our fated birth,
never to feel it for what it is
this land that we call Earth.
This land with all it's ups and downs
and choices in between;
This land with blades at our heels
edge'd with moonlit sheen.

As the bird first hatch, then grows
and then begins to fly,
pulled back down to Earth it was,
not to reach above knee high.
And even if it raise its head
it must look to ground,
suffer all the colors of life
and still make not one sound.

Yet for all we do for Him,
He does not seem to see:
there is just this One chance in life,
One chance to be this Free.
As Free as the mighty beasts
pounding across the soils,
Free as the winds on the dunes
and sand that turns and toils.

There will never be this One again
the greatest time of all,
where we stand up for ourselves
and do not give in to gall.
Nor do we give in to those
trying to right us from the wrong,
we do not give up to life -
we stand and we stand strong.

But say as they do who drew the World
and made it into our Earth:
"There can only be one pursuit in life,
on charge given from birth"
There can never be any done
to rid ourselves of said burden,
there will be no end to pain,
no return from our Verdun.

As we who chose to come ourselves
onto this cursed land,
we chose it of our own Free will,
brought ourselves in hand in hand.

Red Silhouette

Sunday, 23 September 2012


There is a lot in life that we don't understand. There is a lot in life that others don't understand. But the worst misunderstanding is when you misunderstand people, become prejudiced and start stereotyping. When I went to my two final years in a new school, I reserved my judgement as I was new. After two years, when I finally passed out of 12th, my newly-acquired friends confessed to thinking that I was a vain and proud student. And I know that they know that I'm not.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that there will be many people all over the world who try to bring you down on purpose. There will be even more people who would do that without actually realizing it. All you can do is....."suck it in, and tell the truth!" But make sure that you do not do to others what you don't want to be done to yourself. Does that even make sense? I hope so, because that is one of the fundamental ideal of my life, and I live by it.
I have a composition based on what I am trying to say, I hope it will make everything clearer when you read it in a while...
Red Silhouette

Don’t mind being hated, hate being misunderstood**

I came to know that some of my classmates or rather college-mates think that I have a lot of attitude (yeah and that is why I’m going nuts and chose to write on such a silly topic). Anyway, to my surprise the people who said this thing are the ones, who I (and my friends) feel have a lot of attitude (okay, I may be rambling but that’s because I feel depressed).

“Do I throw attitude on people?” This was the question I asked a few of my friends and my mother. All of their replies were the same- a smile. Now, isn’t ‘that’ supposed to be rude! I mean, what do they mean? A question can have only two answers –a yes or a no. I have started hating answers beginning and ending with a smile.

After hours of being bogged by these thoughts I came to a final conclusion-:
Nobody in this world is bad. No one wants to be one wants to be misunderstood. I don’t understand why people pre-judge a person. For example- if a boy is quiet, he is considered as being shy. But when a girl is quiet, it means she has got a lot of attitude. There’s more! If a boy parties till late then he is fun. But when a girl does the same, she becomes a bad and spoilt person. Why these orthodox notions people?!
Coincidentally, when I was returning home from college I came across a man who looked pissed off (maybe I misunderstood him too). A quote was written on his shirt :-
“You look beautiful don’t talk”
But I guess when I don’t talk to someone they mistake my reserved nature for my attitude.
Can someone just tell me what people want?

**All those people who think their life is perfect and have never been misunderstood please ignore.

Black Orchid

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Primal Fear

As the days go by, there are many times that I think that maybe... somehow... it was all fate? Then I think, I'm a Third Culture Kid- I don't REALLY believe in fate. At least, that's what I tell myself. 

Classes are the same as usual- bad if you attended them, worse if you bunked them and worst if the teachers catch you bunking. The first of the Internals have started their two-week long 'Green Mile', and today, for the first time, I became truly afraid of how bad cheating is- for the people who cheat AND for the people who help cheat.Being classified (wrongly, I might add...) of being a studious student of the arts, most of my friends ask me to 'help' them. Normally I don't mind. More importantly, I don't get caught. As I was in the process of helping two of my fellow partners in pursuit of higher education, the Teacher on duty just turned to me. At that moment, my heart jumped to my throat. I was going to be called out in front of everyone, humiliated, thrown out of the room, sent to the Head of the Department, and my paper was going to be confiscated. My parents might even be called in to see how their ward was acting within the College premises. But the teacher just looked at me, made sure that I saw him look at me and then pointedly turned away. It reminded me of the first part of Jurassic Park (a very popular movie of its time and even now). There was this hunter who specialized in Velociraptors- the most intelligent of the dinosaurs. He had made sure that the Raptor he was hunting had seen him before he went in for the kill...
Red Silhouette

Monday, 17 September 2012

Before everything changed…..

I always loved school. But being a practical person I couldn't understand why people always said that school days are the best. I mean, nothing is permanent. Life moves on. Now that I have finally finished high school, I understand what the fuss is all about. In simple terms-school days are the best days of anybody’s life.
          We never cherish the importance of something we already have.

I still remember the last day of school. Remember sitting in the classroom with my friends, munching burger and drinking frooty. Our class resembled a fish market, with students chattering non-stop. But no one stopped us. No teacher told us to shut up, nobody told us to keep our volumes low and I realized that the last day of my school was here. I realized  This Was It! No more homework, no more uniforms, no more polished shoes, no more rules! I couldn't believe it.
Just yesterday, I was too lazy to wake up at 7. Today I could give anything to just be in this place for another month......Is death like this too?

Why are we so helpless? Why does time control us? Why can’t we just break away, set ourselves free, do what we want to, stay at a place as long as we want to?

I still remember getting out of that gate. The wall next to it had the name of my school embedded on black marble in metallic. I bid adieu to my friends, promising to stay in touch. I knew I would miss this place. I had spent 14 years of my life here and hadn't seen the world outside. I didn't know a place outside those protective walls even existed. In my heart I told myself that no matter where I go, no matter what I do, I would never forget this institution and the wonderful people I met here. I will always believe in the values given to me by this institution and carry its tradition forward by “Loving One Another”.   

Black Orchid 

Monday, 10 September 2012

Beta Test

By now you must know that this blog is only a beta, as they say in the cyber world, and as such, there is NOT going to be a daily post YET. I would like to give a daily post, but what can I do? We can't all have what we want... Do you ever feel like that? That life is just passing you by and you are just an audience? 
I think I should have taken Philosophy as my Honors course, the way I'm going on about life at college. Here's one of my compositions that kindda explains the situation:
The life is full of trials,
you can either run or flee.
Or you can show life what you are,
and face it all with glee!
What do you think? As a budding aspirant in the art of modern poetry writing, I think some encouragement never goes astray. 
Today was the 28th day that I had gone to college, and frankly, I really like the atmosphere. True, it gets really stuffy and heated up sometimes, but then again, a rose only ever grows on thorned bushes. Besides, having a positive attitude is what matters. If you step into a new part of your life, thinking that it is only a hindrance to your desires, you will soon realize that your life is becoming more of a pain than you had thought it would be. Instead, try thinking of making the day count so that when you go to bed at night, you can have a content smile on your lips. As Walt Disney said-"All dreams come true, if you have the courage to pursue them."
Red Silhouette

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

First Blood

Well, first term of college has started and guess what? First blood has been spilled! At least that's how it feels like to most of us first year students. 
Hmmmm.... We're out of school, but are still called 'students'. Don't you feel like this is the next stage of your life? Like something is giving us a chance to be something other than ourselves? Or atleast show our true selves? The side of us that you are sure that no one knows? Almost like Radio Rebel, wouldn't you say?
Well, as the first post goes, this is as far as I'm writing.
Red Silhouette