Sunday, 23 September 2012

Don’t mind being hated, hate being misunderstood**

I came to know that some of my classmates or rather college-mates think that I have a lot of attitude (yeah and that is why I’m going nuts and chose to write on such a silly topic). Anyway, to my surprise the people who said this thing are the ones, who I (and my friends) feel have a lot of attitude (okay, I may be rambling but that’s because I feel depressed).

“Do I throw attitude on people?” This was the question I asked a few of my friends and my mother. All of their replies were the same- a smile. Now, isn’t ‘that’ supposed to be rude! I mean, what do they mean? A question can have only two answers –a yes or a no. I have started hating answers beginning and ending with a smile.

After hours of being bogged by these thoughts I came to a final conclusion-:
Nobody in this world is bad. No one wants to be one wants to be misunderstood. I don’t understand why people pre-judge a person. For example- if a boy is quiet, he is considered as being shy. But when a girl is quiet, it means she has got a lot of attitude. There’s more! If a boy parties till late then he is fun. But when a girl does the same, she becomes a bad and spoilt person. Why these orthodox notions people?!
Coincidentally, when I was returning home from college I came across a man who looked pissed off (maybe I misunderstood him too). A quote was written on his shirt :-
“You look beautiful don’t talk”
But I guess when I don’t talk to someone they mistake my reserved nature for my attitude.
Can someone just tell me what people want?

**All those people who think their life is perfect and have never been misunderstood please ignore.

Black Orchid

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